Tigers and Rangers Swap Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler

Posted: November 22, 2013 by ericbernsen in MLB, Sports
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In by far the biggest trade early in baseball’s off-season, the Tigers and Rangers swapped superstars Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler respectively. While Fielder is the bigger name (and bigger person for that matter), Detroit was very disappointed in how he ended his season for the team with an extremely sub-par performance in the playoffs as they fell to the Red Sox in the ALCS. The team will benefit from letting loose of Fielder’s huge contract and perhaps may use the saved money to resign AL Cy Young award winner Max Scherzer, who has been tossed around in trade rumors recently. The move will also allow MVP award winner Miguel Cabrera to move back to his natural first-base position. The Tigers would also no doubt want to secure a long-term deal for Miggy, who is proving himself to be the best hitter in the game the past couple of years.

Fielder’s time was up in Detroit as he waived his no-trade clause to allow the deal to happen. The Tiger faithful, who booed Prince from time to time at the end of last season, will welcome Ian Kinsler with open arms as he fills a void at second base for the club. While Kinsler is coming off a down year in 2013, his presence will complete an infield defense that looks to be much improved next year.

On the Rangers side of things, Texas will gladly add Fielder’s big bat to their roster which lacked power last year after losing players such as Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli. Texas is known to be a hitters park, so the left-handed Fielder should fit in well and provide some variety to the heavily right-handed line-up. The loss of Kinsler won’t be as impactful due to the fact that the team is loaded with young middle-infielders such as Elvis Andrus and highly-touted prospect Jurickson Profar. While the Rangers take on most of Fielder’s huge salary, the hope is that Prince will be rejuvenated in Texas and more than make up for it.

Final Consensus: First impression is that this trade is a win for both teams. I think the Tigers are glad to get rid of Fielder and although they may have been hasty to send him packing already, finding a team to take on his contract so quickly must have been a strong incentive for upper management. Fielder should excel in Texas and my fearless prediction is that he will clean up for fantasy teams next year. Final side note would be to watch the YouTube clip below that predicted this trade in an ESPN baseball commercial…can’t make this stuff up.


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