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Posted: November 22, 2013 by ericbernsen in Uncategorized
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Welcome to HipToTheGame.com! I am extremely excited to hit the ground running and work my hardest to make this blog something special. As I outline in my About page, HipToTheGame will be a premier destination for coverage of hip-hop news, happenings in the world of sports, and everything in between. Providing quality and meaningful content will be my primary focus and will be found in every post. While this blog will be my professional platform to showcase my writing about the subjects I am passionate about, I want it to be more than that. Music and sports provide entertainment in our lives, so my goal is for every HipToTheGame visitor to be entertained whenever they land on the homepage, all while learning something at the same time. With that, let me provide an outline of the website categories and what to expect in each section.


  • Songs: If a new track from your favorite artist just came out, you will be able to listen to it here as well as read my review of it
  • News: From concert announcements to album releases, the top headlines and news from the hip-hop world will be here
  • Rumor Mill: Hundreds over rumors about rap artists fly around the Internet every day. The ones that actually involve music will be here. Don’t worry, no reports about where Kanye West and Kim Kardashian ate dinner last night
  • Album Reviews: Just as it reads. The most important hip-hop releases will be reviewed here, and I won’t just be reviewing albums I like. Will include song-by-song breakdowns as well as a scored rating (out of 10).
  • Artist Profile: The artists with the most influential and meaningful stories in hip-hop with their profiles. These will be continuously updated as their careers move forward.
  • Interviews: Countless interviews with rappers come out every day. I will highlight the most important ones and make note of why they are worthy of your time. Perhaps I will be conducting my own in the future?
  • Throwback Thursday: Cliché title, but we sometimes all get the urge to listen to the classics. From individual songs to full albums, Thursday will be the day these get their proper shine.

The Sports section of the website will have articles that go deeper than who won the game last night. It will be more commentary/opinion based and there will also be stories that come from a fantasy-sports and Vegas perspective.

The Business section will have articles about marketing, advertising, social media, and whatever else that comes to my mind. If I find an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal and have an opinion about it, you will find it here.

Features will be long-form stories and essay style writing. The topics have no limits and I am excited to see how I decide to use this creative space.

Hope everyone enjoys! I encourage people to retweet, favorite, and comment on anything and everything. And as always, any questions can be sent to me at ewbernsen@gmail.com or contact.hiptothegame@gmail.com



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