Yankees Sign Brain McCann to Five Year $85 Million Deal

Posted: November 24, 2013 by ericbernsen in MLB, Sports
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As first reported by FOX Sports writer Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees and catcher Brian McCann have agreed on five-year, $85 million deal pending a physical. The contract will be end up being the highest-ever for a catcher signed via free agency, but as always the Yankees do not mind bringing out the checkbook. This is especially the case this off-season as New York once again missed the playoffs in the 2013 season. Although other teams such as the Rangers, Rockies, and Red Sox were rumored to be in the running for McCann, the former Brave catcher will be an ideal fit for a Yankee team that has been lacking at the catcher position since they let go Russell Martin as well as the inevitable retirement of Jorge Posada. McCann has hit 20 home runs the last six seasons and his power from the left side of the plate should work well in Yankee Stadium with its short porch in right field. McCann is 30 years old which is relatively old in catcher years, but his leadership will be needed in a clubhouse that no longer has Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte to rely on (and soon Derek Jeter).

Final Consensus: This is not a surprising move by New York. Since the team has been reluctant to cave into Robinson Cano and his ridiculous contract demands, the team had to start looking elsewhere and McCann was a good place to start. Only time will tell if McCann’s age will start to affect his play and how he will fit into the New York atmosphere, but we all knew the Yankees weren’t going to let the Red Sox or Rangers get to him first. They certainly paid a hefty price for a player at the catcher position, but the team will do whatever it takes in the attempt to get back to the playoffs next season.


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