The Tragic Story of Capital STEEZ (Link To Article)

Posted: November 28, 2013 by ericbernsen in Music, News
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Here is a link to a tragic, yet very well written story by Eli Rosenberg of The Fader Magazine. The story centers around Pro Era rapper Capital STEEZ, who passed away around this time last year by jumping off a building in NYC. STEEZ was only 19 years old and arguably had the most talent out of everyone in the Pro Era group, even though the Cinematic label put their focus into Joey Badass. The details behind his death remained rather vague early on, but more and more is being revealed about the life and death of Capital STEEZ. This detailed account explains STEEZ’s background as well as the unfortunate events leading up to his death. Even though his suicide did not make the national news, hip-hop suffered a devastating loss when STEEZ took his life and will forever be remembered as another rapper who never got the chance to live up to his full potential. Click the link below, the story is well worth the lengthy read.

Capital STEEZ: King Capital.

Final Consensus: Happy Thanksgiving…be thankful for everything you have and don’t take life for granted.


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