YG Hootie & Kendrick Lamar “Two Presidents”

Posted: December 2, 2013 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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I’m not going to lie to you…I have never heard of YG Hootie in my life. But anytime Kendrick Lamar is featured on anything it has my attention. It turns out that Kendrick and YG went to the same high school in Compton, CA so obviously their connection goes way back. In fact, K Dot shouted out Hootie in the outro of his song “Compton State of Mind”, a track released by Lamar back in 2009 when he was still rather unknown. With YG getting this Kendrick feature in 2013 in a time when he is one of the most talked about rappers in the game, these two must be pretty close. Either way, the track is solid as YG and Kendrick vibe really well on the hook/bridge and K Dot rips it as usual in his verse. The wavy beat seems to be courtesy of an old Raider Klan track, (who currently have beef with the A$AP Mob), but the production suits Kendrick well and the harder/grittier style reminds me of the Fredo Santana track “Jealous” which also featured Lamar. He tore that song apart so given the chance I will promote it together with this one. Take a listen to both songs below!

Final Consensus: As I said, I had no idea who the hell YG Hootie and still don’t have that much of an interest in him to be honest. The Kendrick feature caught my eye and deservedly so as he did a nice job on the track. K Dot has been rapping ferociously in his features toward the end of 2013 and I am a huge fan of it….he is the best rapper in hip-hop at the moment and his confidence in that fact is apparent. Section 80 and GKMC showcased Kendrick has an artist who could rap over soulful production and even sing smooth melodies…his features have been more hard-hitting. Whatever is in store for 2014, I think we all know Kendrick and the other members of TDE will play a big part in it. Enjoy the MLK/Malcolm X imagery on this one and look forward to more from Kendrick sooner than later.

  1. […] too long ago, we heard Kendrick Lamar feature on fellow Compton rapper YG Hootie’s track “Two Presidents”… and here we have ourselves another Compton collaboration. Kanin is the artist in question here and […]

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