Snoop Dogg& Dam-Funk “7 Days of Funk” Album

Posted: December 3, 2013 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music, Songs/Videos
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Snoop Dogg is at it again with the release of 7 Days of Funk, a short collaboration album with producer Dam-Funk. In this album, we are introduced to Snoopzilla as Snoop takes a departure from the Snoop Lion moniker that was used for the Reincarnated album released earlier this year.  In an in-depth interview about the EP courtesy of Pitchfork, we get some background from Snoop on re-branding himself for this project.

“When I’m recording as Snoopzilla, I’m basically an offspring of Bootsy [Collins]. We’re keeping that spirit alive with that tone, that delivery, that R&B/funk singing, like Rick James and Steve Arrington. And on this EP, I was on some relationship shit: being tired of the one that I’m with and trying to be with the one that I’m with—shit where I’m questioning the one that I love. I’m not even talking about nobody personally. Is it music? Is it my wife? I’m questioning something! I don’t even know what the fuck it is. As time goes by, I get a clearer vision on why I’m saying what I said, because some of these songs are really affecting me right now emotionally. They were just songs I did out of the spirit of having fun, but when I write shit, it comes to motherfucking life.”

Simply put, Funk is just the perfect word to describe this project. Funk seems to be a long-lost art in music nowadays, but Snoop and Dam-Funk bring it back providing the listener with that unmistakable, sonically chilled-out sound with Snoop’s smooth vocals/raps and Dam-Funk’s groovy production. The chemistry between the two is undeniable which makes each track enjoyable in its own way.

Snoop has never been a top-tier “lyricist” with his appeal more so being the mood and atmosphere he creates with his irresistible flow. Snoop has gone more and more left-field with his music decisions as we saw with the Rastafarian- influenced Reincarnated album, a project that had its merits while also having its downfalls. However, 7 Days of Funk was a match made in heaven as Dam-Funk and his synthesizer’s provide the sound that Snoop perfectly meshes with. In 2013, as a Snoop fan this is the exact kind of music I love hearing from him. Whether Snoop is singing or rapping, each track sounds organic and nothing seems to be forced on this project.

7 Days of Funk officially comes out on December 10th, but NPR has a stream of the album available now. Props to them for the early chance to listen and props to the Stones Throw label for making this project happen. While you’re at, go ahead and watch the music video for album single “Faden Away” below.

Click here to listen to 7 Days of Funk.


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