Q-Tip and Rick Rubin Executive Producing Kanye’s Next Album?

Posted: December 4, 2013 by ericbernsen in Interviews, Music, News, Rumor Mill
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Even when Kanye West is not getting interviewed, which is a lot these days, the news about him never seems to end. Q-Tip, one of the members of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest group, sat down with Eliot Wilson of RapRadar.com recently on one of the Yeezus tour stops. They covered topics such as Tribe’s legacy and if this is really the end of the group performing together. Q-Tip also revealed that his next album, which is slated to be released sometime in 2014, will be darker and “the bad twin” of ATCQ influenced music.

However, the biggest news of the interview was when Q-Tip announced that he and Rick Rubin will be executive producing Kanye’s next album, which West plans to release sometime in the summer of 2014. As a member of G.O.O.D music, Q-Tip has always been close to Kanye and Ye is not shy about expressing the admiration he has for him. And of course, we know that the infamous Rick Rubin was heavily involved in Kanye’s last album Yeezus. Rubin has been popularly sought after in the hip-hop world recently as the producer also worked with Eminem on the Marshall Mathers LP 2. Now there is no denying that Rubin is an iconic figure in music and his work is respected across all genres. I am just hoping that throwing his name in endless rumors doesn’t turn into a played out gimmick.

Kanye West, more so in recent years, has a certain method of producing when it comes to his albums. This process involves putting dozens of people together in the studio to work on particular parts of a beat, then Kanye will put the pieces together and craft it to his liking. This is why I have some doubt in regard to exactly how involved Q-Tip and Rick Rubin will be, especially since it is so early on in the process. At any given moment Kanye could have a change of heart and may be inspired by something that would’t make sense for Q-Tip or Rubin to be a part of. But if this news is true, we will definitely be in for another treat and there is no predicting what kind of sound will come from their vibes in the studio.

Watch the interview below and let us know what you think!


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