Watch 2Pac Interview Brought to Life With Animation

Posted: December 7, 2013 by ericbernsen in Interviews, Music
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I have watched a ton of 2pac interviews in my time in order to gain a better perspective on not 2pac the rapper, but 2pac the man. He is the most iconic rapper of all time who was a visionary, a revolutionary, and star rapper/actor all at the same time. His words were powerful and people listened when he spoke about injustice and the ills of society that plagued ghetto communities every day (and still do).

From holograms at Coachella to a number of posthumous rap albums, many have tried to recreate 2pac’s image and bring him back to life. Some might call that disrespectful, but this animated interview is far from that and is actually ingenious in my opinion. The folks at PBS Digital Studios have provided an uncut 2Pac interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Benjamin Svetkey from 1994 to animation for their Blank on Blank series. It is extremely well done and it is safe to say the visual design team at PBS earned their paycheck on this one.

Watch the 2pac interview below and listen to Makaveli speak on life/death, fame, the media, and his view on Thug Life.


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