Listen to Rare Early Mixtapes “Good Enough” and “Back To School Pack” from Chance The Rapper

Posted: December 13, 2013 by ericbernsen in Music, News, Songs/Videos
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If you paid attention to the hip-hop mixtape scene in 2013, Chance The Rapper is a name you are definitely now aware of. The 20 year-old rapper from Chicago burst onto the scene this year when he released his project Acid Rap, which is landing on many top of the year album lists and SPIN went as far as to name him their “Rapper of The Year”. It really is amazing to see the media/industry push Chance is receiving, but there is no doubt he deserves it as his lyrical ability is impressive and his songwriting ability is top notch. Chance is not your normal rapper and that is exactly why he is going to continue to exceed with his uncanny style being his greatest strength.

Before Acid Rap, the only other mixtape we had heard from Chance was titled 10 Day, which was released in April of 2012. Luckily enough, the internet has uncovered (specifically a user of the Reddit hiphopheadsforum) more material from the young phenom in two early mixtapes named Good Enough and Back To School Pack. These two projects seem to have been recorded sometime in 2009 and showcase Chance finding himself as an artist. While Chance’s animated delivery is not yet present in these mixtapes, his lyrics are just as thought provoking and his raw melodic talent is on display.

Considering that Chance was around 16 when he made this mixtapes, these tracks are incredible in my opinion. So before we all hype up what the future will hold for Chance in 2014 (aka. potential debut studio album), let’s take time to listen and appreciate his growth. Listen to Good Enough and Back To School Pack below!


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