Tanya Morgan Release “Worldwide” Video

Posted: December 17, 2013 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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I was put on to the group Tanya Morgan back in 2009 when they released critically acclaimed concept album Brooklynati. After hearing the trio of Donwill, Illyas, and Von Pea tell vivid lyrically stories of their self-created fictitious city, I have had my eye on their work ever since.

Here we have a nice set of visuals from the group with the release of the “Worldmade” video. This track was featured on their album Rubber Souls that came out earlier this year. “Worldmade” is a song that features lyrics full of universal truths about the many ills of society such as economic hardship, racial inequalities, and political injustice. The visuals have a motivational power to them and are fitting to the inspirational track from the always insightful Tanya Morgan.

Watch the “Worldmade” video below and get familiar Tanya Morgan if you haven’t already.


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