#10 Mixtape of The Year: Casey Veggies- Life Changes

Posted: December 26, 2013 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music
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The 19 year-old Casey Veggies is another young product of the California rap resurgence led by the likes of his former cohorts Odd Future. Veggies was one of the founding members of the group, but decided that his artistic vision was destined to be fulfilled independently and not overshadowed by the monumental movement. Casey has a natural youthfulness in his style and lyrics, but with the release of this mixtape Life Changes in 2013, he is continuing to develop as a multi-faceted artist with a self-realized identity.

One of Casey’s greatest strengths is that he sounds natural just enjoying where is at in the rap game in this stage of his life, as demonstrated on tracks like “Young Winners” and “She In My Car”, with the latter featuring an appearance of another rising California rapper Dom Kennedy. While Veggies takes pride in his early accomplishments, he never loses sight of his long-term ambitions and remains motivated as ever to maintain the level of his current upswing.

We do get moments of self-reflection and soul searching from Veggies (“Life Changes, “Take My Life”), but the ever so popular subject matters of women, weed, and money are the central subject matters throughout (“My Team”, “Lifestyle”). Perhaps the most impressive display of flow and delivery we hear from Veggies is demonstrated on “Everything Wavy”, which is a banger that could easily be slipped into club DJ rotations.

While Life Changes might not possess a clear focus or concise concept, there is no doubt that the project has a smooth demeanor and the confident Casey Veggies shines throughout. While many people his age are clueless to their desires and dreams, Veggies raps as if he knows his future will be filled with even greater prosperity and success. Casey sounds comfortable on practically every chorus on Life Changes, and his verses contain basic yet truthful messages that the 80’s babies generation can relate to.

Veggies also benefits greatly from the album-worthy production on this project, as we are blessed with beats from the likes of Harry Fraud, The Futuristiks, and DJ Dahi. Casey sounds natural over the handful of soulful records on Life Changes, which create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the entirety of the project. Overall, the mixtape is a fun listen and Casey Veggies continues to prove himself as one of California’s most promising hip-hop artists. Life Changes could have easily been released as an official album and we look forward to Casey’s continued growth in what should be a monster 2014 for “The Boy”…stay tuned.

Listen to Life Changes below and let us know what you think of the review/ranking.


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