Clams Casino Releases “Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 3”

Posted: December 27, 2013 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music, News, Songs/Videos
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I was put on to producer Clams Casino back in 2011 when he produced a handful of records on A$AP Rocky’s breakout mixtape Live. Love. A$AP. From tracks like “Palace” and “Wassup”, it was not hard to be immediately drawn to his original, vibed-out style of production. Working with the likes of A$AP Rocky as well as Mac Miller, MF Doom, and The Weeknd, Clams Casino has risen quickly has a coveted talent behind the boards and has released a series of instrumental mixtapes to further enhance his reputation.

Out of nowhere, Clams went to Twitter to release Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 3 last week and he certainly had the internet buzzing has his diehard fans rejoiced. Many of these instrumentals are from songs already released in 2013 such as “LVL” by A$AP Rocky and “Youforia” by Mac Miller. Yet hearing them without the vocals allows the listener to acquire a new appreciation for the multi-layered beats (“Bookfiend” by DOOM) that Clams is known for.

However, it is the unreleased gems that are always the best surprise as the track titled “Melthru” was immediately on repeat when the chilled-out beat blared through my headphones. Instrumental hip-hop may not be for everyone, but Clams Casino is an artist who makes it easy for the listener to understand how many so many musical variations can be molded together to create one unified sound.

Click here to listen to Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 3 and let us know what you think! I for one will definitely have some of these tracks lined up at all times, such as “Melthru” which you can listen to below.


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