Kendrick Lamar “Sing About Me” (Part 1) Music Video

Posted: December 27, 2013 by ericbernsen in Uncategorized

While Kendrick Lamar is now at the point of never being out of the spotlight, we hadn’t seen or heard any new material from him for awhile. Well with 2013 coming to a close, Kendrick has released visuals for one of the more self-reflective tracks off of Good Kid, m.A.A.D City “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst”. The track clocks in at almost 12 minutes long, but the video highlights part 1 of the song and features graffiti artist Eddie Peake. Just as we would expect, the visuals do not disappoint and bring Kendrick’s storytelling lyrics to life.

As Lamar is filmed being driven around his hometown Compton area, Peake is shown creating a visual in an abandoned building that presents the lyrics of “Sing About Me” through the use of everyday clothing and spray paint. It signifies the promise Kendrick has made to rap about his fallen friend and share the stories he has witnessed to the world.

An opening paragraph describes Kendrick’s vision for the video as well as the song in general. You can read it below as well as watch the visuals. We are certainly excited for Part 2 and whatever else Kendrick has in store for us in 2014. Let us know what you think!

“When the lights shut off, an artist’s dream is that their work will stand the test of time,” it reads before the visual starts. “The ones that influence our culture are the ones we most remember. Here, two powerful creative forces come together to elevate the status quo and lay ground to their legacy. This is their poetry. Sing about them. This is part one.”


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