Rick Ross “The Devil Is A Lie” (ft. Jay Z)

Posted: December 27, 2013 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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Rick Ross and Jay Z are two of the highest profile rappers in the music industry today. And for whatever reason, they have an elite level of chemistry when they work together that results in bangers such as “FuckWithMeUKnowIGotIt” and “Maybach Music”. With Rick Ross releasing a new album named Mastermind in Q1 of 2014, it is only right that the bosses of MMG and Roc Nation link up again in this single titled “The Devil Is A Lie”, resulting in another monster collaboration.

Once this track was released, there was immediate controversy regarding who produced the track and rightfully so because the beat is phenomenal. Original reports stated that K.E. on the Track was the sole producer, but it turns out he was a co-producer while Major Seven proved to be the main person responsible for the beat Just Blaze would be proud of. Massive bass, immaculate horns, and rolling hi-hats over a well-chosen vocal sample is the musical make-up of “The Devil Is A Lie” and it possesses the perfect backdrop for Rick Ross and Jay Z to spit about their riches.

As the title would suggest, the lyrics on the song are full of religious references and once again Jay Z addresses the Illuminati rumors that constantly surround him. Regardless of what you think about the rap industry and conspiracy theory relationship, the music here is hard to deny as Jay and Ross properly flow over this booming beat. While it was no surprise when we heard that Mastermind was not going to come out in 2013, Ross has us excited with the release of this single and it will be interesting to see what the full album sounds like.

Listen to “The Devil Is A Lie” below and let us know what you think!


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