#7 Mixtape of The Year: The Underachievers- Indigoism

Posted: December 30, 2013 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music
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If you are a believer in the NY underground hip-hop scene, you most likely have heard the term Beast Coast, a term given to the collective of rising rap groups from NYC. The Underachievers (along with Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, A$AP Mob) are an important part of the movement as each crew continues to rise in prominence while gaining more and more respect among the hip-hop community. Issa Gold and AK are the emcees that make up the group and have quickly found a believer in veteran producer Flying Lotus, who has signed them under his Brainfeeder label. Indigoism is the debut mixtape from The Underachievers and after hearing the impressive project; it is no wonder why many are taking notice of the duo.

Spiritual conscious lyrics over psychedelic influenced production is the best way to describe the core of what Indigoism consists of. The Underachievers are wise beyond their years as every verse on the project is jam packed with knowledge of self based lessons, but because of their youthful cadence, nothing sounds preachy. Track titles such as “Herb Shuttles” and “Potion Number 25” make it clear that drug use has a strong influence throughout the project, but every bong hit or LCD trip seems to be a natural step in the purpose of reflecting on life’s greater meaning.

Issa Gold and AK never let up on the mixtape as the vocal intensity and complex flows from the two are consistently present. While the group is mindful of hip-hop traditional origins, they are not stuck in “Golden Era” nostalgia as the sound they create on Indigioism is completely their own. By the end of the project, the audience will be listening to the body of work with their third eye, even if they were unaware they had one. The Underachievers possess a high level of awareness and intellect, but what makes the mixtape impressive is that they successfully express their wisdom on a musically appealing platform. While the production pays homage to the classic NY boom bap sound, the beats are diverse and stray from convention as they sound the furthest thing from dated.

Nevertheless, if you are not interested in achieving a higher level of spirituality that strays from standard religion, you will not be able to fully appreciate Indigioism. The title of the project alone will have some listeners scratching their heads as they search the term on Google. However, if you open your mind and let the conscious lyrics take over, the true value in this body of work is revealed. When making this sub-genre of “enlightenment rap”, many artists appear as if they are forcing it and the music suffers for the sake of sounding smart. The Underachievers sound like they were born to make this substance-heavy, experimentally edgy type of hip-hop. The results of this debut project are exciting and although this is not a project you have to be high for to fully enjoy, lighting one up certainly won’t hurt.

Listen to Indigoism below and let us know what you think of the review/ranking!






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