Drake Releases “Trophies” and “We Made It” Remix

Posted: December 31, 2013 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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While Drake had an extremely successful year with the release of his critically acclaimed third studio album Nothing Was The Same, 2013 was not going to pass by without the Toronto rapper reminding us of his accomplishments. In interviews leading up to the release of Nothing Was The Same, there were talks of a song titled “Trophies” that had been produced by none other than Hit Boy. And while we heard a snippet of the track in a video trailer previewing the LP, the fans were left craving more. Drake continued to tease the track at his live shows, but now just before New Year’s Eve he has decided to put it out in hopes of it being on the playlists of clubs around the country tonight. 

Considering the hype of “Trophies”, it is easy to be a little let down by the end result. Nevertheless, the track serves its purpose as a celebratory victory lap for Drake as his boastful lyrics sound fitting over the huge trumpet horns. As he proclaims, “I told y’all mothafuckas, man, this shit is not a love song, This a doing me and only God can judge song.” Because of his status in the rap game, Drake’s success seems to be contagious and we were quickly served with a Migos remix to the song (for more on the Drake/Migos, see “Versace”). In a move that was previously planned by both camps, the Atlanta based trio sound at home on the beat and surprisingly give the remix some validity.

Along with the heavily promoted “Trophies” track, Drake also put his mark on Soulja Boy’s “We Made You” with a remix version of his own. While I would never usually listen to artists like Soulja Boy and Migos individually, Drake seems to have been inspired by his new found “Versace” flow and has used the delivery on tracks where he is simply having fun as he enjoys his status as one of top rappers in the game.

Listen to Drake flex on each of the three tracks below and feel free to throw one in rotation if you are in the mood for some turn up music tonight.







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