#2 Mixtape Of The Year: Action Bronson- Blue Chips 2

Posted: January 2, 2014 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music
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In an era in which constructing a creative personality as an artist is almost as important as the music itself, Action Bronson is a rapper that naturally succeeds with this balancing act. Bronson and his larger than life persona is one of the more entertaining figures in hip-hop these days, but the chef-turned-rapper is not only an entertainer; he is a gifted emcee that has developed his own style that should finally stop the endless comparisons between him and Ghostface Killah. Action Bronson’s output has been strong recently as he has released collaboration projects with producers Alchemist (“Rare Chandeliers”) and Harry Fraud (“Saab Stories”). But his latest project Blue Chips 2 with producers Party Supplies is one that stands out and does not mess with the formula of its predecessor, resulting in one of the best mixtapes in 2013.

From the start, any listener who has heard Action Bronson before realizes Blue Chips 2 is another project filled with grandiose lyrics that showcase Bronson’s elaborate life stories not as truth, but pure cinematic-like entertainment. It is a must to throw all logic out the window in order to fully enjoy Action’s ridiculous yet well-crafted verses. The subject matter of Blue Chips 2 bounces back and forth between depictions of exotic women in expensive sports cars, expert culinary wordplay, as well as pop culture and sports references. The action-packed content of the mixtape make it a humorous and enjoyable listen as songs like “Pepe Lopex”, “The Don’s Cheek”, and “9.24.13” make it hard not to crack up at Bronson’s comedic punch lines.

While Bronson certainly holds his own with his pen game, the chemistry with producer Party Supplies is what makes the project a masterpiece. The producer seems to eager to bring Bronson’s colorful and comical world to life through a humorously sample-based soundtrack that could serve as a backdrop to a R-rated Saturday morning cartoon. Although some of the beats could be described as simple loops, the project is filled with enough short, high tempo tracks that create a full body of work that is the antonymous of boring. Party Supplies provides a distinctive soundscape for Bronson drop edgy one-liners such as “Fuck, I nutted in like 3 strokes, shit now that’s no way to rep the East Coast”. Tracks like “Contemporary Man” which has five or six different classic samples switch-ups in one 4-minute song display the brilliance of Action Bronson and Party Supplies as a full-fledged tag team.

Blue Chips 2 is a project in which you can lose sense of all reality and join Action Bronson on a wild ride full of criminal tales as he relishes in his self-created extravagant lifestyle. The guest features (especially Big Body Bes) serve the narrative well, but this is clearly Action Bronson and Party Supplies’ show. The mixtape stays true to a high quality of musicality with the diverse production bringing Bronson’s distinctive lyrics to life. While we are still waiting to see what Action Bronson conjures up for a debut studio album, we would love to see a third installment of the Blue Chips series as this project was one of the most enjoyable listening experiences of 2013.

Listen to Blue Chips 2 below and let us know what you think of the review/rating!


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