#4 Mixtape of The Year: PartyNextDoor- PARTYNEXTDOOR

Posted: January 2, 2014 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music
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Back in 2011, a magical series of events took place when Drake dug deep into the sounds of his native Toronto and brought on the rise of The Weeknd. Their chemistry together was remarkable as the atmosphere created on Drake’s album Take Care was heavily influenced by The Weeknd. Despite the great results that came from them musically, Drake has put his focus on his newest discovery from Toronto, singer and producer PARTYNEXTDOOR. Unlike The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR has signed to OVO Sound and released his debut of the same title earlier this year. While lyrically the project hits on the repetitive topics of sex and drugs, he meshes his melodic ability with lush production that creates an impressive body of work boding well for PARTYNEXTDOOR’s promising future.

From the first track, we are aptly introduced to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s lifestyle (“Welcome To The Party”) through his strategically heavy auto-tuned vocal delivery that is a constant throughout the mixtape. PARTYNEXTDOOR uses wordplay in his lyrics as a rapper would, but delivers it in a smooth melodic delivery that is easy to digest. Tracks like “Relax With Me”, “Right Now”, and “Make A Mil” put the singer’s raw talent on display and places him on the verge of being a R&B/rap hit-maker. PARTYNEXTDOOR’s songwriting has a certain appeal to the younger audience despite its flaw of redundancy, but he maneuvers through stories of drugs and strippers with an infectious flow.

Although PARTYNEXTDOOR is a short listen, its brevity can be classified as a strength as the mixtape’s production filled with heavy bass, drums, and synths showcases his diversity as an artist. It is clear why Drake was motivated to sign the singer as PARTYNEXTDOOR sounds natural over his self-created club-ready beats that are more advanced than the material of his contemporaries. While Drake contributes to the project on “Over Here”, what makes the mixtape impressive is that it doesn’t rely on anyone except PARTYNEXTDOOR. While many of these tracks do not meet their full realized potential, they serve as a fitting introduction to an artist we still do not know much about. Similarly to The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR has an air of lustful mystery to him. Songs like “TBH” that display honesty within the otherwise deviant songwriting are a rarity on the project, but the overall atmosphere of the mixtape is cohesive for an artist that is a newcomer to the spotlight.

While PARTYNEXTDOOR is not anything groundbreaking, it is an extremely refreshing listen that has high replay value within a genre that is convoluted with bland attempts at radio smashes. Through this promising debut alone, PARTYNEXTDOOR has already gained a cult following of fans that are steadfast believers in Drake and anything he supports. Well there is no need for blind faith in this case as PARTYNEXTDOOR shows what he can bring to the table through this debut. He has found a strong niche vocally and if he can further enhance his gifted ability behind the boards, there is no reason why PARTYNEXTDOOR will not blow up on the national scene in 2014.

Listen to PARTYNEXTDOOR below and let us know what you think of the review/rating!

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