Barcelona Becomes First Sports Organization To Reach $50 Million Facebook Fans

Posted: January 4, 2014 by ericbernsen in Business, Marketing, Sports, Uncategorized
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According to a recent report, FC Barcelona has become the first sports franchise in the world to have 50 million fans on Facebook and also claimed their page is top 30 in terms of overall popularity. While the club is based in Spain, the page has the most followers in other foreign countries across the world such as Indonesia (4.7 million), Mexico (3.4 million), Brazil (2.5 million), and the United States (2.1 million). This historic accomplishment is a testament to the photo and video content provided by Barcelona on their Facebook page. 

“Being the first sports club in the world to reach 50 million Facebook fans is a source of pride and at the same time a responsibility towards our followers,” said Didac Lee, a Barca director responsible for new technology.

“Barca is the world’s most popular club and this is just the latest evidence of that,” he added.

This devout focus on social media has been a marketing strategy implemented by Barcelona in order to expand its global brand. The popularity of Barca’s young superstar Lionel Messi has been a large proponent of this feat as the striker has led the club to four first-place finishes in Spain’s La Liga and two Champions League titles over the past five years. Messi has more than 52 million likes on his individual Facebook page.

Barca’s success with social media has attracted big-time sponsor relationships, such as a five-year/$25 million deal with Intel, which in turn has increased the value of the team. The only two soccer teams that are valued higher than Barca ($2.6 billion) are rival Real Madrid ($3.3 billion) and Manchester United ($3.2 billion). This news on the ever so important social media front will only aid the team in their goal of being the most valuable and attractive club in the world.


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