DeadEndHipHop Sits Down With The Alchemist For Insightful Interview

Posted: January 8, 2014 by ericbernsen in Interviews, Music
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The Alchemist is one of our favorite producers here at Hip To The Game and he is coming off a monster 2013. Working on quality full-length projects with artists such as Prodigy, Durag Dynasty, Willie the Kid, and Boldy James was an impressive feat for a producer who has a classic discography and nothing to prove (although rappers/producers always have something to prove). As 2013 came to an end, the folks over at DeadEndHipHop got a chance to have a lengthy sit down with the legendary producer and it is one of the best interviews I have watched in quite some time. 

The discussion covers a wide range of topics that perfectly balance between Alchemist’s early work and his current impact on the present-day climate of hip-hop. Rather than bog you down with long paragraphs that detail the conversation, here is a summary in bullet form of what Alchemist touched on over the course of the 40 minute chat.

  • Early musical influence and how Alchemist was always attracted to the New York boom-bap sound despite being born in LA. He talked about how as a member of Dilated Peoples ,(with Evidence, DJ Babu, and Rakaa), the group had the aspiration of being the ‘West Coast’ version of Gang Starr. Alchemist admits that as a young producer, he made beats that were heavily based on the work of DJ Premier, to the extent of being afraid to play the music in front of him.
  • Alchemist moved on to talk about how Cypress Hill producer DJ Muggs took him under his wing and introduced to the heavy hitters in hip-hop. Through DJ Muggs, Alchemist was able to link up with Mobb Deep and eventually create some classic music with the group. One particular story of note was the recording process behind the track “The Realest” featuring Mobb Deep and hip-hop pioneer Kool G Rap.
  • The conversation then transitioned to the present and how Alchemist has been able to work with such a wide variety of rappers, yet maintain a top notch level of quality throughout. He feels blessed that to this day he does not have to cater his sound for any particular emcee. Doing full-length projects with artists has become a speciality of The Alchemist and he practically lives in his studio in order to perfect whatever music he is working on. Alchemist also discussed the recording process being the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack and how it was a rewarding experience.
  • Best news of the interview….Alchemist pretty much confirmed that he does have production on ScHoolboy Q’s upcoming album Oxymoron! He ended the talk describing how he is simply influenced by great music, whether it be beats from young Russian producers or well-known legends such as Madlib and MF Doom.

It is obvious that Alchemist is at heart a fan of the hip-hop culture and he comes across as a person you could spend hours with talking about everything from obscure record samples to his favorite hip-hip reviewers on the Internet.

If you are a fan of the Alchemist, this interview is a must-watch. Props to the guys at DeadEndHipHop for putting this gem together. While it will be hard for Alchemist to replicate his 2013 output, there is no reason to doubt him and we look forward to hearing whatever is next (hint. Lord Steppington album).

Watch the interview below and let us know what you think!









  1. Cannot wait for that Stepbrothers album!

  2. ewbernsen says:

    No doubt…January is usually a slow month but i am highly anticipating it as well. Thanks for the comment!

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