Macklemore Receives The Source’s “Man Of The Year” Cover, Says Kendrick Deserves Grammy

Posted: January 8, 2014 by ericbernsen in Features, Interviews, Music, News
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In the past year, you have not been able to turn on your favorite hip-hop radio station without hearing a Macklemore song. From the socially humorous/against-the-trend “Thrift Shop” to the more seriously toned gay-rights focused “Same Love”, it is safe to say Macklemore is now a bonafide celebrity in the music industry after years of work on the independent grind. Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis will be center stage on the night of the Grammy’s (January 26th), and Macklemore has already started 2014 on a high note being placed on the cover of The Source as the “Man Of The Year”. 

As well as being on the cover, Macklemore had an interview with The Source in which he addresses the potential of backlash that could come once the Grammy awards are revealed. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s album The Heist is going up against Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d. City in the Album Of The Year and Rap Album Of The Year categories. “Hip-hop heads” across the world will all be in unanimous favor of Kendrick winning the award as his album is labeled a ‘modern hip-hop classic’ by fans and critics alike. While The Heist is respected as a solid body of work, many view it as an album that only rose to mainstream prominence due to its catchy singles that have commercial appeal.

The irony in this debate is the fact that Macklemore and Kendrick are indirectly connected as collaborators with TDE members ScHoolboy Q (“White Walls”) and Ab-Soul (“Jimmy Iovine”) both being featured on The Heist. Macklemore is aware that many people in the hip-hop world will be outraged if he beats out Kendrick, and even went as far as admitting The Heist may not deserve Rap Album Of The Year.

“In terms of [that category], I think it should go to Kendrick. He’s family. TDE is family, and I understand why Hip-Hop would feel like Kendrick got robbed [if he didn’t win]. I’m not trying to compare albums; I think you can make an argument for both. With that being said, I am a huge supporter of what Kendrick does. And because of that, I would love to win in a different category. We obviously had massive success on commercial radio, and I think that, in ways, The Heist was a bigger album, but Kendrick has a better rap album.”

It is rare to see such humble honesty from a rapper, and there may be a chance that Macklemore giving the nod to Kendrick may increase the chances of The Heist winning. Reverse psychology aside, I gained respect for Macklemore after hearing his thoughts on the subject. While I am not the biggest fan of his music, the Seattle rapper does deserve attention for the conscious-heavy records that have been brought to light for the masses to hear. However, I certainly do not think Macklemore is a “revolutionary” as many artists have taken similar stances in their music without receiving the publicity for it.

The Grammy’s are not known for their expertise when it comes to the hip-hop genre, so I am trying to lower my expectations for what is to come. Nevertheless, I am not shy in saying that I will consider it a travesty if good kid, m.A.A.d city does not win Rap Album Of The Year. The concept and execution behind that project was special and has inspired the culture in countless ways. I praise Macklemore for what he has accomplished, but if his thoughtful quote leads him to winning the award….I will wish he never said it in the first place.

Click here to read the interview and let us know what your side is in the debate!








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