Childish Gambino Cover Story In Complex Magazine, Delves Deeper Into Because The Internet

Posted: January 14, 2014 by ericbernsen in Features, Interviews, Music
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Childish Gambino is one of the more unique hip-hop artists to rise to prominence recently. Not necessarily because of his alternative musical style nor due to his start in the entertainment business as an actor on the TV show Community, but more so his pure honesty as an individual in every sense of the word. Many hip-hop fans did not take Childish Gambino seriously early on in his rap career. His 2011 album Camp was bashed by many critics and it was not clear at the time where the talents of Donald Glover belonged. Gambino has not shied away from these doubts among many others as he shared a list of fears in a series of unfiltered Instagram pictures last year. While doing this stirred up quite the public reaction, in private Childish Gambino had been creating a creative masterpiece with his project Because The Internet. The album was released last December and snuck itself in many Albums Of The Year lists due to its plethora of musical styles and distinct production. In a interview with Complex, Childish Gambino shared some insight regarding the buildup to Because The Internet and what the body of work really means to him. 

Throughout the interview, it becomes clear that the theme of Because The Internet involves exactly what you would expect; the World Wide Web. Gambino seems to be in touch with the worldwide acceptance of the Internet as a tool that is essential in our daily routines. While that may come with a cost, the power of the Internet has proven that those who can harness it are capable of great things. We are early enough in the life cycle of the Internet to still be in awe of its attractive capabilities, and this is something that Gambino fully embraces:

“That’s the thing—it’s not real, it’s curated,” he says back in his house, after everybody’s gone home. “Everything online—even the fucked-up stuff—is curated. It’s the same thing as going on a first date. The Internet is going on a first date over and over and over again. “The last thing I want to be is somebody who’s like, ‘The Internet is wrong.’ I don’t believe that,” he continues. “This is how we connect. I love the Internet. We’re the first ones to have to deal with this kind of stuff. Our generation is very important because we can still remember shit before the Internet. We remember just enough.”

As both a musician and as a creative mind, Childish Gambino has brought a fresh perspective to subjects that are prevalent and dominate our ever day way of life. This quality is reflected in his latest project and is the main reason why Because The Internet stands out amongst its peers. Gambino has publicly expressed his admiration for Kanye West and it makes sense as to why. Both of them are driven by the same ‘freedom of expression’ type of passion and do not want to be limited by people’s perception of what they are supposed to do as artists. The difference is while Kanye comes off as harsh and abrasive, Gambino is laid back, likable, and not afraid of being vulnerable not only as an musician, but as a natural human being.

Click here to read the full Complex story which delves into these topics and let us know what you think. As always with Complex digital cover stories, the visuals/graphic design work is eye-catching and the interview itself provides an informative glimpse into the interesting life of Childish Gambino. You can also watch Gambino’s impressive freestyle over Drake’s “Pound Cake” beat on Sway In The Morning below.




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