Juicy J Releases “Blow Out”, Announces Album In 2014

Posted: January 18, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, News, Songs/Videos
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Not many veteran rappers can match the resurgence Juicy J has had in the past few years. He has been featured on numerous chart topping singles, working with a variety of artists ranging from Future to Katy Perry. Coming off the release of his well-received album Stay Trippy last year, Juicy J is back on his grind. He gained a ton of press for giving away a $50,000 scholarship to a well-deserving single mother with the other ‘twerking’ contestants being left disappointed. Earlier this month, Juicy J took to Twitter announcing that he would be releasing another album in 2014. Although we are not sure if this new track “Blow Out” will be on it, it proves that Juicy J is continuing his successful run of solid music going into 2014. 

“Blow Out” is a little different from the usual turn up tracks we’ve been accustomed to hearing from Juicy J. The production from Lil Awree and Crazy Mike is on the darker side and diehard Juicy J fans will be able to tell he is slightly experimenting with his flow/delivery. It is certainly too early to tell if this track will end up on an official project or not, but “Blow Out” is fresh in respect that it deviates from Juicy J’s standard sound.

You can listen to “Blow Out” below and let us know what you think!






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