ScHoolboy Q “Man Of The Year” Music Video, Unveils Favorite Song On Oxymoron

Posted: January 18, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, News, Songs/Videos
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Our first post ever here at Hip To The Game was ScHoolboy Q’s “Man Of The Year” track and now we have the visuals for the Oxymoron single. We have been anticipating Oxymoron for a long time and we could not be happier that the project finally has a release date of February 25th. There has been a ton of speculation about the details of Oxymoron and which previously released singles will be on the project. So with the music video of “Man Of The Year” being put out about a month before the album, we can hopefully assume that this song is on the project. “Man Of The Year” is a video that all of Q’s male fans will most definitely enjoy and in an AMA Q&A on Reddit last week, he revealed some previously unheard news about Oxymoron

The celebratory tone of “Man Of The Year” is enhanced by the music video which appears to be set in Hawaii. Whatever island this was filmed on, it is a slice of paradise for ScHoolboy Q as he is constantly surrounded by a group of females who are literally shaking it for the “Man Of The Year”. The last 20 seconds of the video are priceless as ScHoolboy Q is ridiculously placed between a gang of females….give it a watch and you’ll see that his expression is what GIF’s were made for.

While “Man Of The Year” is gaining some traction as Oxymoron approaches, in his online interview on Reddit he revealed that his favorite song off the album is called “Blind Threats”, which will feature Raekwon and Tyler The Creator. This news had the Internet buzzing and we cannot wait to see what else we have to look forward to once the tracklist comes out.

Many people may watch the video and think to themselves ‘oh just another rap video with half-naked girls everywhere’, but if you listen to the chorus of the song…the visuals reflect exactly what Q’s lyrics are portraying. You can view the “Man Of The Year” music video below and let us know what you think.






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