Run The Jewels “36” Chain” (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)

Posted: January 20, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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Ever since Killer Mike and El-P have teamed up as Run The Jewels, the results have been epic as last year’s album was one of the best projects of 2013. Luckily enough, the duo are working on a sequel which should be released sometime this year. In the meantime, the deluxe version of Run The Jewels contains three new tracks and one of the songs that got the remix treatment was “36” Chain”. The Seattle-based production duo Blue Sky Black Death did work on the song and the sonic atmosphere changes up drastically with the results being very successful. 

While the original version of “36” Chain” was hard-hitting and rather chaotic, the remix is ambient and minimalistic. The way Blue Sky Black Death stripped the track down is pretty impressive and provides a nice contrast. The rhymes from Killer Mike and El-P resonant just as effectively and this twist on track was extremely well-done.

Listen to the “36” Chain” remix below and let us know when you think. Be on the look out for more news from Run The Jewels!






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