Marco Polo and DJ Revolution Interview, Crate Digging Session

Posted: January 21, 2014 by ericbernsen in Interviews, Music, Songs/Videos, Uncategorized
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While many 35 minutes interviews may fail at holding your attention, this is one that is full of gems and details about the career of Canadian hip-hop producer Marco Polo. Marco Polo moved to New York City in the early 2000’s and ever since then he became known as one of the best underground producers of East Coast-rooted hip-hop. In the latest episode of DJ Revolution’s “The Cut” interview series , he spent an entire day with Marco Polo that chronicles how the producer typically spends his time. Crate digging for samples, smoking Newport’s, drinking coffee, and making beats on his MPC…these are the things that make Marco Polo tick and if they sound appealing to you, this interview will be right up your alley. 

The early part of Marco Polo’s conversation with DJ Revolution details his crate digging technique, with sampling being an essential part of Marco Polo’s style as a producer. The best hip-hop beat makers spend countless hours in record shops searching for the most unknown drum break that can evolve into the base of a song. Marco Polo comes from this school of thought and after he picks out some vinyls, he heads to the studio (his room) with DJ Revolution. The majority of the interview takes place here as Marco Polo shows us how he normally crafts his beats. As DJ Revolution asks Marco Polo about how he made his way in hip-hop and the hard work that occurred to reach the level he is at, fans of the producer are reminded of the producer’s outstanding catalogue. Ever since Marco Polo released his critically acclaimed album Port Authority back in 2007, he became a staple in the NY underground scene. DJ Revolution talks with Marco Polo about how times have changed since then and the evolution of the genre.

Despite the great transformations hip-hop has experienced, Marco Polo has certainly maintained relevancy among his core fan-base as his recent album PA2: The Director’s Cut (released last year) was well-received. There are a plethora of veteran artists who make appearances on the project and Marco Polo continues to showcase his pedigree as a producer who specializes in those gritty, “stab you in the face” type of beats. His words, not mine…you can watch the informative and detailed interview below as well as stream Marco Polo’s PA: The Director’s Cut!




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