DJ Kay Slay “Free Again” (ft. Fat Joe and 50 Cent)

Posted: January 22, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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About a decade ago you never would have seen NY rap heavyweights, 50 Cent and Fat Joe, on a track together due to 50’s longlasting beef with regular Fat Joe collaborator Ja Rule. However, times have changed and the two officially squashed their beef at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards when they paid tribute for their late mutual friend Chris Lighty.  And while 50 Cent and Fat Joe had never appeared on the same song together, New York’s DJ Kay Slay has changed that with the release of “Free Again”. The track will appear on Kay Slay’s upcoming album titled Rhyme Or Die and it is another attempt to strengthen the NYC hip-hop scene. Although 50 and Fat Joe are long past their primes at this point in their respective careers, “Free Again” is a surprisingly refreshing listen as both sound somewhat like their old selves on the track. And with a 50 Cent diss directed toward Kanye West, what more reason do you need to listen? 

The production by Street Runner on “Free Again” is a nod to the old New York sound and it facilitates Fat Joe and 50 Cent in their reflective verses. From Fat Joe discussing his time in prison to 50 taking a shot at Kanye (“The fuck you think I am? Kanye?/I had them wearing vestes/Now these niggas wear dresses”), the bars on the song are on point, even if 50 and Fat Joe’s deliveries don’t sound the same as ten years ago. So while we commend DJ Kay Slay’s mission of reuniting New York emcees on his album, this is a record that could have easily made the cut for a 50 Cent or Fat Joe official project. Nevertheless, it was a nice surprise to hear these two veterans shine and give us a reminder of their involvement/impact on hip-hop. Props to Funk Flex for premiering the record and getting everyone hyped for its release.

You can listen to “Free Again” below and let us know what you think!












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