J Cole Pays Tribute To Nas At Vibe Impact Awards

Posted: January 28, 2014 by ericbernsen in Interviews, Music, News
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While the events from Grammy night have been the main focus of the hip-hop community the past few days, the Vibe Impact Awards that took place last week should not be overshadowed as the special honorary was none other than Nas. Many guests made appearances at the event such as Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz, and No I.D. However, it was J Cole who made his presence most felt as he delivered a powerful and moving speech about Nas and the impact he had on him in his youth. J Cole speaks not as a Grammy-nominated successful artist, but as a fan on stage and his admiration for Nas is on full display. 

J Cole details how as a kid in North Carolina, a lot of hip-hop music did not make its way down to the South. He was exposed to West Coast hip-hop through his stepfather, but J Cole was not fully made aware to the music of Nas until a later age. The story of J Cole’s reaction when he first heard “I Gave You Power” is one of note and it is apparent that he is still in awe of Nas as an emcee. Emotional storytelling, introspection, and lyricism are qualities that J Cole were drawn to when he first fell in love with hip-hop, and Nas is an artist who has embodied all of them throughout his career.

It is rare to see a rap artist so open about the idolization of a fellow emcee. The fact that J Cole is comfortable enough to do so is refreshing and those feelings have translated into great music (see “Let Nas Down”). Fans of both J Cole and Nas will enjoy this speech as it serves as a reminder that we all look up to others who have mastered their craft…and there is nothing wrong with paying homage and respect to those who deserve it.

Watch the video from the Vibe Impact Awards below!







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