Stream/Review: J Cole & Dreamville Records- Revenge Of The Dreamers

Posted: February 3, 2014 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music, News, Songs/Videos
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J Cole and his Dreamville crew surprised us last week with this new compilation project titled Revenge Of The Dreamers. Celebrating his 29th birthday along with the release, J Cole also announced that his Dreamville imprint had signed off on a partnership with Interscope Records. The major news should have a huge impact for J Cole and his Dreamville artists Bas, Omen, K-Quick, and Treasure Davis, all of whom are featured on the project. And while Dreamville is still in its infancy as a rising label, this Revenge Of The Dreamers project should open some people’s eyes to the crew and it shows us their promising potential. 

Not surprisingly, J Cole is the centerpiece of the project as he appears on more than half of the tracks on Revenge Of The Dreamers. For the J Cole fans who consider his mixtapes and Truly Yours series as his best work, they will be pleased to hear his signature self-reflective tracks like “Revenge Of The Dreamers” and “Blowin Smoke”. The title track in particular stands out as J Cole lyrically snaps, sounding comfortable stepping up as the leader of his Dreamville team. Hearing a new, more raw version of radio-hit “Crooked Smile” was also a nice gift from Cole as we are treated with previously unheard verses. Overall, J Cole executes nicely on the project as he caters his style to the mood of each song he appears on.

As for the rest of the Dreamville squad, it is a mixed bag as there some moments where the lesser known emcees shine and others that prove to be unmemorable. The two rappers who make the greatest strides on Revenge Of The Dreamers are Bass and Omen, each of whom we have heard work with J Cole previously. Bas makes his presence felt on “Golden Goals” and “Ceelo With The G’s” with his sharp bars, while Omen shines in particular on the introspective “Motion Picture”. These three songs give the project some variety and substance to accompany what we have come to expect from J Cole. As time goes on, J Cole continues to evolve as this body of work is the first in which he plays the role of “head honcho” with capable artists standing behind him. While 2013 was a strong year for him considering the success of Born Sinner, we know J Cole is capable of even more as a rap heavyweight and we hope to hear more from him sooner than later.

Listen to “Revenge Of The Dreamers” below and let us know what you think! 






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