Marcus Smart Of Oklahoma St. Suspended 3 Games For Pushing Fan, NBA Executives React

Posted: February 11, 2014 by ericbernsen in NCAAB, Sports
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Oklahoma St. head coach Travis Ford announced on Sunday that star guard Marcus Smart had been suspended three games for his actions against a Texas Tech fan in the final seconds of the contest. Smart tried to block an opposing players dunk attempt from behind, but stumbled out of bounds behind the basket. As he was being helped up, he exchanged words with a fan in the front row before reaching for the fan and pushing him. When Smart was walked off the court, he initially claimed to an assistant coach that the fan had used a racial slur against him. However, the final verdict was that the Texas Tech superfan (Jeff Orr) had called him a ‘piece of crap’, which is was led to the scuffle. This has not been the first outburst from Smart as NBA draft season approaches, and it remains to be seen how these incidents will affect his value. 

When the first reports came out that Jeff Orr had used a racial slur against Smart, my immediate opinion was that I could not blame the Smart for reacting the way he did. It was obvious that Smart was in the heat of the moment during the final seconds of a tough loss and lost his cool. However, as one of the biggest stars in college basketball, Smart needs to learn to keep his composure and not react to the crazy fans who will say nearly anything to get under a star opposing players skin. Jeff Orr was wrong for a calling a 19 year-old kid a ‘piece of crap’, and Marcus Smart was wrong for overreacting as well as lying with his much more serious initial claim.

While Oklahoma St. is suffering through a tough stretch, all eyes are on Marcus Smart as a NBA draft prospect in this years rather crowded class. Smart is the Big 12’s third-leading scorer and is the No. 6 overall prospect on ESPN NBA Insider Chad Ford’s latest Big Board. After the incident occurred this past weekend, many NBA executives had mixed reactions about Smart’s ill-advised actions. Some thought the scuffle was overblown and others looked more deeply into the incident, but what is certain is that no NBA general manager wants a player who could potentially pull a ‘Ron Artest’. Smart is a great player and we will learn more about him on/off the court in the upcoming weeks as he looks to lift his team out of their slump. And come tourney time, Smart will be given the chance to show his true colors…let’s hope he rises to the occasion in a positive way.

You can watch the incident between Smart and the Texas Tech fan below! 







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