Mac Miller “Diablo” (prod. by Larry Fisherman)

Posted: February 13, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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If you paid attention to Mac Miller’s work last year, you know that he was considered as one of hip-hop’s most improved artists. The strides Miller has made in everything from his lyricism to his production skills have been massively impressive, and it appears that he will not be slowing down in 2014. Miller promised his fans that he would be releasing four projects this year and while this seems like a daunting task, we think he has the potential to live up to his word. While details about his upcoming work are scarce, Miller did release a new track titled “Diablo” that features the Pittsburgh native spitting over a self-produced piano-based beat. There is no word on if “Diablo” will end up on an official project, but it is another nice treat for Miller’s fans who have to be extremely pleased with his recent output of material. 

“Diablo” has Mac Miller flexing his skills as a wordsmith with his newfound delivery of technically sound lyrics. You can find substance and meaning within his wordplay, but on the surface “Diablo” is just another track that features Mac on his rappity-rap steez. It makes sense that Miller sounds natural over his production under the Larry Fisherman moniker, which further showcases his evolution as an artist. So while “Diablo” may not be an album-worthy track, it is definitely one to add to the Mac Miller library which has grown at a rapid pace in the past couple of years.

Listen to “Diablo” below and let us know what you think! 







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