Phantogram “Fall In Love” Music Video, Stream ‘Voices’ In Its Entirety

Posted: February 13, 2014 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music, Songs/Videos, Uncategorized
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The electronic rock duo Phantogram have been feeding their fans with material from their latest album Voices the past few months. In the week leading up to the official release of Voices, singer Sarah Barthel and producer Josh Carter have put out the visuals to their featured single “Fall In Love”. The song represents how Phantogram is able to blend a melting pot of genres and effectively create their own unique sound throughout the entire Voices project. Yes ,not only can you now watch the stunning new visuals for “Fall In Love”, but NPR is offering a stream of the whole album before its release date. If you have not yet heard of Phantogram, now would be the time to start paying attention. 

“Fall In Love” is a perfect blend of electro-pop with futuristic hip-hop and alternative soul influences. The black-and-white music video falls in line with the vibrant production and the captivating lyrics behind Barthel’s hypnotic vocals as the song is a centerpiece in the overall addictive body of work that is Voices. Phantogram’s musical style is darkly charismatic,  yet Barthel’s sinister vocals give warmth to Carter’s driving production. While “Fall In Love” does stand out as the album’s single, Voices as a whole is very dense and a widely ranged sonic adventure. While I claim to be no expert in terms of Phantogram’s catalog, it does appear that the duo are at their prime with this project as they comfortably become a more well-known name in the music industry. Even though hip-hop is our speciality here at, we highly recommend giving this a listen as it has the potential to be one of our favorite non hip-hop albums of the year.

Watch the “Fall In Love” music video below and you can stream Voices in full over at NPR. 






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