Flatbush Zombies “LiT”, Announce New EP ‘It’s All A Matter Of Perspective’

Posted: February 15, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, News, Songs/Videos
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The Flatbush Zombies are coming off of a solid 2013 after they released their well-received Better Off Dead mixtape. While many fans were probably expecting an album as a follow up, the Brooklyn trio have announced a new EP titled It’s All A Matter Of Perspective, which is slated to be put out sometimes this year. Better yet, the group unveiled the first offering from the project “LiT” and the track picks up right where the Flatbush Zombies left off as it is a hard hitting ode to one of Darko, Juice, and Erik the Architect’s favorite drugs. And when you combine the music with this impeccable cover art, “LiT” is a noteworthy single that continues the strong momentum of this Beast Coast crew. 

The track features the raw flows of Darko and Juice that we have become accustomed to and Erik the Architect (along with rapping) laces the drum-rattling, horn-infused production. With an infectious hook and standout verses from each member, “LiT” proves to be a great choice for a single as the Flatbush Zombie’s can promote it to a more general audience who might not be familiar with the darkness of their Better Off Dead project. The Flatbush Zombies will continue to rise in prominence if they keep displaying the artistic growth that is evident on “LiT” as each member of the trio has their own unique individual talent. With a talented head producer like Erik the Architect behind the boards, we should expect the sound of the group to evolve while sticking to its hardcore NY roots. We will be certain to keep an eye out for news regarding an official date for the It’s All A Matter Of Perspective EP.

Listen to “LiT” below and let us know what you think!






  1. […] the table. And before the trio announced their upcoming It’s All A Matter Of Perspective EP with the single “LiT” last week, Erick provided us with an amazing surprise due to his “boredom” in the form […]

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