Stream Theophilus London ‘Lovers Holiday 2’ EP

Posted: February 15, 2014 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music, Songs/Videos
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Rapper/singer Theophilus London had not released any material for quite some time, but he picked a great time to come back onto the scene with his Lover’s Holiday II EP, which is a sequel to his 2011 project. The 6-song EP is a nicely timed Valentine’s Day soundtrack and features a wide cast of features such as Blood Orange, Leon Ware, and the Force MD’s. London’s voice seems to have some Kid Cudi influence in it, but overall Lovers Holiday II is a distinct body of work that showcases London’s ability to craft a variety of tracks that blend multiple styles of music. The Brooklyn rapper continues to improve and this project should be a solid set up for more of London’s upcoming material in 2014.  

Lover’s Holiday II is a brief project, but it certainly has plenty of high moments in what proves to be an adventurous listen. From the impressive Martin Dupont interpretation on “Take A Look” to the Jolene cover that is awesomely themed around the infamous “Based God”, London’s skill-set is on full display. Whether it’s the uniquely delivered raps or the smoother singing performances, Lover’s Holiday II has something for everybody and fans of Theophilus London will relish in the projects’ diversity. London is set to release his Vibezz album later this year and maybe we will receive a full version of the Kanye West assisted “Do Girls” as that time draws closer.

Listen to Lover’s Holiday II below and let us know what you think! 





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