J. Cole Releases Another Captivating Music Video, Watch “She Knows”

Posted: February 16, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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While J. Cole’s first single off of Born Sinner “Power Trip” took the commercial hip-hop scene by storm, “She Knows” is now also gaining traction on radio stations all over the country. One of J. Cole’s challenges had always been making a song with mainstream appeal, but that also stayed true to his core as an artist. With Born Sinner it seems like Cole has figured out the formula and we have now received the visuals for “She Knows”. The music video is a captivating one and it continues J. Cole’s strong run of creating video’s filled with plot twists that tie in directly with the lyrics of the song. And even though J. Cole himself only makes a brief appearance, it is certainly a meaningful one in the context of the story-driven video. 

The visuals follows a teenager who steals money from his parents to spend while he skips school and opts for a day full of partying and skating. A police officer interrupts his fun and a chase leads him running back to house. When he gets home, the teenager finds his mom with another man that is not his dad (J. Cole). All of this falls in line with the theme of track in which J. Cole raps about infidelity, but instead of the woman knowing about the man cheating…it is the teenager who catches his mom in the act. Once it all comes together, it is clear that “She Knows” is not your typical rap video and J. Cole proves himself yet again an artist who takes pride in his visuals. While we are grateful for J. Cole recently releasing the Dreamville mixtape, we will definitely be on the look out for more solo material from the Roc Nation emcee.

Watch the “She Knows” music video below and let us know what you think! 


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