Erick The Architect Of Flatbush Zombies Shares Unreleased ‘Demos’ From 2012

Posted: February 17, 2014 by ericbernsen in Album Reviews, Music, News, Songs/Videos
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The Flatbush Zombies have had enormous success in the New York hip-hop scene within the past few years and their resident producer is an essential reason as to why. Erick The Architect is the mastermind behind almost all of the production on Flatbush Zombie projects and he also brings exceptional skills as an emcee to the table. And before the trio announced their upcoming It’s All A Matter Of Perspective EP with the single “LiT” last week, Erick provided us with an amazing surprise due to his “boredom” in the form of his own mixtape. The 30-minute project is a collection of unreleased demo’s that Erick recorded back in 2012, and the 9 tracks that encompass the mixtape are album-worthy material. This compilation is full of gems that require listening if you consider yourself as a Flatbush Zombie fan. 

This blend of demos features the raw talent of Erick The Architect as the mixtape features everything from smooth melodies to airy hard-hitting beats. Sometimes it is hard to appreciate Erick in Flatbush Zombie projects due to the overpowering styles of his partners, so having this opportunity to appreciate his artistic merits as an individual is a blessing. The project is mainly a headlining of Erick’s work, but there are some notable features on here including a standout performance from none other than Childish Gambino on “God Saves The Villain”. Tracks like the intro “Father Of Influence” are a testament to Erick’s wide-ranging abilities, but it is hard to pick songs out of the bunch on this one, which is due to the Flatbush Zombie producer creating a cohesive sonic atmosphere for himself. Overall, from the beats to the rhymes these Demo’s allow Erick The Architect to shine, and this is an addicting compilation that we will definitely be revisiting.

Mixtape Review: 4 out of 5 






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