Locksmith “House Of Games II” (ft. RA The Rugged Man)

Posted: February 18, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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California rapper Locksmith came up in hip-hop’s ranks due to his battle rapping skills, and that essential quality of his artistic makeup is once again displayed in his latest song. Locksmith originally released the track “House Of Games” as a freestyle and it featured his aggressive bars flourishing over a haunting boom-bap beat co-produced by himself and Mike Blankenship. While the fate of the song was not known then, we are now thankful that Locksmith has brought it back in remix form as he invites fellow underground lyricist RA The Rugged Man to add his contribution. These two are not messing around on “House Of Games II”, so be prepared for a heavy dose hard-hitting rhymes when you press play on this one. 

Locksmith and RA The Rugged Man are very similar artists in terms of their no-nonsense lyrical styles, and this is what makes “House Of Games II” a noteworthy track. While we certainly welcome the presence of the veteran RA The Rugged Man, we are still left in awe by Locksmith’s menacing verse that requires a couple of listens in order to appreciate the technical complexity of his wordplay. Luckily enough, fans will be able to find “House Of Games II” on Locksmith’s upcoming album titled A Thousand Cuts, which has no release date as of now. Here is to hoping that the project will include more bangers like this offering.

Listen to “House Of Games II” below and let us know what you think!








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