50 Cent Leaves Interscope Records, Releases “The Funeral” Single Accompanied By Music Video

Posted: February 27, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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50 Cent became a superstar under the Interscope label as he sold over 30 million albums since he signed with them in 2003. However, it was recently announced that 50 Cent has parted ways with Interscope and is now a newly independent artist. While the news marks an end of an era and may be bittersweet for some, those who are still anticipating new music from 50 are celebrating as his upcoming Animal Ambition album finally has a June 3rd release date. In celebration of his newfound industry freedom, 50 Cent released a new track titled “The Funeral” along with visuals for the song. After much delay and mediocrity, it seems that 50 is back in his zone on “The Funeral” as he sounds natural over this exceptional production. 

“The Funeral” features 50 Cent rhyming about what he knows best; the repercussions that result from partaking in the dangers of the street life. Although you are more likely to see 50 Cent in a Vitamin Water commercial than the inner city streets nowadays, he excels on the track as he uses his storytelling abilities to create a vivid depiction of a classic street life scenario. There is no radio hook or R&B feature on this song, just 50’s infectious flow that meshes perfectly with the hard-hitting drums and melody created by critically acclaimed producer Jake One. The music video of the song fits the lyrics of “The Funeral” and as a result, this latest single from 50 proves to be successful one while we await Animal Ambition. Although many have ignored 50 Cent on a musical level the past few years, now may be the right time to start paying attention again

Listen to “The Funeral” and watch the music video below! Let us know what you think.








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