Onyx “We Don’t F*ckin Care” (ft. A$AP Ferg and Sean Price)

Posted: February 27, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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We recently covered the return of Onyx after they released the music video for their title track “Wakedafucup” off their upcoming album. While we were impressed by that song, veterans Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz have us even more anticipated after putting out their latest record “We Don’t F*ckin Care”. The legendary Onyx duo are joined by the unlikely yet practical combination of A$AP Ferg and Sean Price on the track as not one emcee disappoints. Hardcore lyricism prevails on this one with this talented group of rappers excelling over the menacing production provided by the Snowgoons

“We Don’t F*ckin Care” is the definition of explosive as the Snowgoons come through with a banging beat that is begging to be rocked over. Onyx prove that they haven’t lost a step as they showcase their raw old-school style with their gritty flows matching nicely with the rattling production. And while some may have never expected A$AP Ferg and Sean Price to be on the same track together, each emcee comes through with a strong contribution. Whether it is Ferg’s unique delivery or Sean P’s smack you upside the head wordplay, the verses are on point and provide a welcome contrast. Onyx crafted a solid street single with “We Don’t F*ckin Care” and the Snowgoons continue to prove their ability to create hard-hitting production that reeks of that mid-1990’s nostalgic NY sound.

Listen to “We Don’t F*ckin Care” below and let us know what you think!









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