Coldplay Releases “Midnight” Music Video

Posted: March 4, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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After being relatively quiet for quite some time, Coldplay made national news last week with the surprise release of the music video for a new track titled “Midnight”. The group had previously not announced any official projects for 2014 until recently (Ghost Stories set to be released in May), but there is still an air of mystery in regards to what this track is meant to represent. “Midnight” is an atmospheric record that is absent of the traditional rock elements that Coldplay has become famous for, as this song is much more in the vein of a Bon Iver track. The visuals for the track are just as dark and haunting, as Coldplay gets set to release their first project since 2011’s Mylo Xyloto. If “Midnight” is a reflection what we can expect from the band this year, count us in. 

The music video for “Midnight” does a great job at capturing the chilly vibe of the track as the trippy black-and-white visuals match the airy electro-pop production. The song is extremely understated for a Coldplay creation as it more so resembles a downtempo EDM track rather than an athematic-esque hit that we are accustomed to hearing from a typical single. The vocals of frontman Chris Martin are heavily altered and his lyrics are sometimes incomprehensible as he sings of darkness with the music video being set in a desolate area. The slow synths of “Midnight” lead the listener on an addicting journey to a destination not yet made clear. Nevertheless, we are more than happy with being left in the dark in terms of Coldplay’s musical plans as long as they continue to release strong tracks such as the unexpected “Midnight”.

Listen to “Midnight” below and watch the music video! 






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