Talib Kweli Announces Upcoming Joint Album With 9th Wonder, An Analysis Of His Hip-Hop Worldview In Today’s Digital Age

Posted: March 5, 2014 by ericbernsen in Business, Interviews, Marketing, Music, News
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Talib Kweli is a legendary emcee who has a well-spoken demeanor that usually translates to thought-provoking interviews. This is demonstrated in his chat with the folks with KMEL in San Francisco in which he discussed numerous topics including his latest album Gravitas, the role social media plays in hip-hop, and an upcoming joint project with producer 9th Wonder in the works. That last part of news was a first-time announcement from the independently proud Kweli and it came as a great surprise for many underground hip-hop fans. While the details surrounding the project are scarce, Talib provided plenty of gems in the interview that showcased how a successful veteran rapper such as himself navigates the industry in today’s digital world. 

Taking a Frank Lucas business approach, Talib Kweli created his website KweliClub.com for the purpose of using it as a platform to exclusively release his music and also personally interact with his fans. While his latest album Gravitas is now also sold physically in stores, there was a solid 2/3 month period in which the project was only available through KweliClub.com. Due to already having a devoted and established fan-base, Talib was able to leverage these qualities in order to successfully market his music. Once upon a time rappers were used as powerful pawns by powerhouse record labels, but the fact of the matter is that nowadays every artist is there own brand. As Kweli put it, “If you don’t take a chance on yourself, you can’t expect anyone to take a chance on you”. While many insincere fans tend to boast about not buying music in order to empower themselves, Kweli takes pride in having fans that support him as well as his deserving peers. Don’t be surprised to see more artists take the route of Talib in the future and create their own personalized digital medium in order to promote their music to the desired target audience.

Watch the Talib Kweli interview with KMEL here and let us know what you think!  We will be on the lookout for more details regarding his full-length project with 9th Wonder; these two should be a great musical match for each other. Listen to Talib and 9th’s latest collaboration titled “No Competition” to have an idea of what to expect. 




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