Asher Roth Releases New Single “Tangerine Girl” Off Upcoming Album ‘RetroHash’

Posted: March 8, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, News, Songs/Videos
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Many people know the name Asher Roth from his chart-topping anthem “I Love College” from five years ago, but since then he has been pretty much absent from the mainstream light. While it is easy to label Roth as a one hit wonder, it is becoming clear that while under the radar he has grown and matured as a overall artist. Asher has been releasing a steady stream of projects, but the release of his sophomore album has gone through multiple delays and title changes. However, that has finally changed with Roth planning to release his LP titled RetroHash on April 22nd and the entire project will be produced by the acclaimed duo Blended Babies. This is great news to say the least and with the announcement that artists such as Vic Mensa and ZZ Ward will be making guest appearances, RetroHash is shaping up to be an album that may surprise some people. The first single from the project is “Tangerine Girl” and the track may surprise people who only know Roth from his label manufactured “I Love College” days. 

“Tangerine Girl” is a smooth song that mainly highlights the instrumental provided by Blended Babies. Roth does just enough with his vocals plus short verse to make the track complete. Roth’s voice sounds great over the feel-good production and it is a clear display of his artistic development. In a recent interview with Billboard, Asher nicely summed up what people can expect from his upcoming project,” ‘RetroHash,’ as a whole, is a record of renewal and self-discovery. It’s not Asher trying to be this or that — it’s just me trying to be me.” And if “Tangerine Girl” is a sign of what to expect from the album, we will certainly be tuning in.

Listen to “Tangerine Girl” below and let us know what you think!








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