Vic Mensa Switches Up His Style On “Feel That”

Posted: March 8, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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Vic Mensa is a rapper on the rise that we are huge fans of here at Hip To The Game. Mensa’s Innanetape project was one of our favorite releases from last year and since then the buzz has only continued to grow for the Chicago up-and-comer. We have heard some leaked remixes from Mensa in recent weeks (including a remix with electronic group Disclosure), but the latest one has particularly caught the attention of both his diehard fans as well as people just catching on to this young talent. “Feel That” is a track that goes in a drastically different direction from what we heard on Innanetape due to its minimal production and turn-up style verses from Mensa. Vic’s last project was a distinctly mature body of work while “Feel That” sounds like it could be on rotation at strip clubs in Atlanta. Nevertheless, the track bangs and we are impressed with the wide spectrum of hip-hop Vic Mensa can effectively execute as an artist. 

“Feel That” certainly took many Vic Mensa by surprise with the Soundcloud comments on the song compromising of “What happened to him?”, “I think he’s experimenting with lean”, and “Get back to the old Mensa!”. The overreaction is just another example of the quick to criticize culture that has become evident with the evolution of the Internet. While some may prefer the overall sound of Mensa’s previous work, by no means is “Feel That” a bad song. Featuring hazy, hard-hitting production from Smoke Ono, the track is a testament to the fact that Vic Mensa is not going to be placed inside a creative bubble. After pulling off this unexpected hype up style, an air of mystery is added to what artistic direction Vic Mensa is heading in. Considering “Feel That” is just a free release not attached to any upcoming project, I would venture to say that Mensa will be continuing to stick with what has been working for him so far. No need to overanalyze here, just play the catchy “Feel That” at obnoxiously high levels and enjoy.

Listen to “Feel That” below and let us know what you think! 


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