A$AP Rocky Releases “Riot Rave” (ft. Bauuer) Music Video And “Unicorn” From His Upcoming Instrumental Project

Posted: March 9, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos, Uncategorized
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We have been fans of A$AP Rocky’s music since his standout Live Love A$AP mixtape that was released back in 2011. Lord Flacko has climbed up the ranks of rap’s most well-known artists since then after putting out his debut Long Live A$AP album. Because of this, we were extremely intrigued once the surprising news of an A$AP Rocky instrumental album came to light. While we were aware of Rocky’s abilities as a producer, it did not seem very likely that an instrumental project would be the means of continuing his upstart buzz amongst the general rap audience. Nevertheless, we can’t knock A$AP Rocky for fulfilling his own creative aspirations as an artist, even if it may not make the most sense from a business perspective. A$AP Rocky recently released the abstract visuals for one of his instrumental tracks “Riot Rave” (featuring Bauuer) and also unveiled another instrumental song in “Unicorn”.

“Riot Rave” features expectedly dark production from A$AP Rocky, who is known as being heavily influenced by the Houston inspired ‘chopped n’ screwed’ sound. Inviting Bauuer to add his heavy basslines to the song was a smart move by Rocky and overall the collaboration is a successful one. The visuals for “Riot Rave” are described as an ‘art video’ that features the A$AP Mob causing a ruckus in the streets of New York City, and they are joined by their dedicated fan-base. While the music video may be a stretch in terms of emulating a real genuinely inspired riot, it seems like A$AP Rocky was looking to create an over-the-top message for this record, and he definitely achieved that with these visuals. The other track that A$AP Rocky released off his upcoming instrumental project is “Unicorn” and this song is a testament to Rocky’s abilities behind the boards. “Unicorn” successfully samples Tame Impala’s hit “It Seems Like We Only Move Backwards” and gives it an even more hypnotic/trippy feel. So while we are still not exactly sure why A$AP Rocky is choosing to do an instrumental album at this point in his young career, we will continue to check for more material from the project as well as anything else the A$AP Mob has in the works.

Watch the “Riot Rave” music video below and also give a listen to “Unicorn”.


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