Kid Cudi Speaks On Latest Album ‘Satellite Flight’, His Place In Hip-Hop, And Sobriety In Complex Interview

Posted: March 10, 2014 by ericbernsen in Interviews, Music, News
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Kid Cudi has had quite a journey as an artist as he achieved early fame for hits such as “Day N’ Nite” despite his more underground/indie qualities as a rapper. Battling everything from drug addiction to the many frustrations that come with being in the music industry, Cudi has never stopped creating his distinct style of hip-hop and we were recently surprised with another unique body of work from the ‘Man On The Moon’. Last year, Kid Cudi made news regarding an EP that he was working on and he revealed that it could be released at any given point in time. Fast forward to February when reports surfaced that revealed the EP had morphed into a full-length album, and this proved to be true with the surprise release of Satellite Flight. The ten track project is a mix of Kid Cudi produced instrumentals as well as the more standard songs in which Cudi raps on, and Satellite Flight is another untraditional LP from an artist who constantly strives to deliver something original. Complex recently had a detailed interview with Cudi which delved into the making of the album along with other topics such as his sobriety as well as his overall current position in hip-hop. 

While Kid Cudi dropping Satellite Flight wasn’t nearly as much of a surprise as when Beyonce dropped her self-titled album in December, the marketing behind each was similar and worthy of comparison. This trend of a ‘surprise release’ is likely to continue in hip-hop, but a word to the wise is that only artists with truly dedicated fan-bases such as Cudi will be able to pull it off. Cudi talked about his intentions in putting out Satellite Flight in this manner and also addressed the critics who were disappointed in the numerous instrumentals on the project. It is clear that Cudi is embracing his role on the production side of things now that he is officially free from his responsibilities as a G.O.O.D. Music member.

Cudi talked about his placement on Kanye West’s Yeezus album on the track “Guilt Trip”, and he certainly had mixed feelings about it. Cudi did not even know he was on the project until he found out via Twitter and while his hook/bridge on the outro of the song was executed nicely, he would have preferred to been left off the record since it was not an organic recording process. Nevertheless, Cudi is happy with where he is as an individual artist as well as the fact he is creating music in a sober state of mind. While we will save our thoughts regarding Satellite Flight for our official review (stay tuned), the project should be a proper set up for the highly anticipated Man On The Moon III installment. One thing is for sure, Kid Cudi will never be stuck in a box when it comes to his music and we will continue to look forward to what he treats us with.

Click here to read the full interview with Complex and take a listen to “Balmain Jeans”, a standout track off Kid Cudi’s new album Satellite Flight.













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