Chance The Rapper and Skrillex Collaborate On “Coast Is Clear”, Stream Skrillex’s New Album ‘Recess’

Posted: March 23, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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After a flurry of Instagram pictures and a live preview at a show in NYC, we now have the official collaboration between electronic producer Skrillex and an emcee on the rise in Chance The Rapper. The “Coast Is Clear” is on Skrillex’s latest album Recess which was just released this past week, and it proves to be a standout track on the project. Chance The Rapper is able to flow impressively over the jazz-inspired production provided by Skrillex, and the respective style of each artist is represented properly. The track might be a little out of left field and off the wall, but what else would you expect from these two?

“Coast Is Clear” is an upbeat record that features Chance The Rapper utilizing his ability to create catchy melodies, and his fast flow raps are up to par per usual. The collaboration proves to be an organic one as Skrillex caters to Chance’s cadences with his solid work behind the boards. While the instrumentation is certainly multi-layered, it is not as chaotic as usual when compared to standard Skrillex beats. And within the overall scope of the Recess album, “Coast Is Clear” fits in nicely and is no doubt a highlight song. 

Listen to “Coast Is Clear” below and you can also stream Skrillex’s Recess album. Let us know what you think! 







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