Freddie Gibbs Disses Jeezy On “Real”, Stream Collaborative Album With Madlib ‘Pinata’

Posted: March 23, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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We have been highly anticipating the collaborative effort between Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs and producer extraordinaire Madlib for quite some time. Well Pinata has officially arrived and it is one of the most impressive albums released in 2014 so far. The project is best when digested as a full body of work, but there is no denying that “Real” is one of the standout tracks on the LP. Most rap “beefs” nowadays tend to be media manufactured promotion stunts, but it is obvious that there is nothing fake about the falling out between Freddie Gibbs and former label mate Jeezy. “Real” is a true diss record in which Gibbs gets into the crux of what went wrong in his experience under CTG label head, and this is about as vicious as it gets.

With the ingenious Madlib behind the boards providing us with a well-placed beat switch, “Real” is a well-crafted record that effectively serves its purpose of getting at Jeezy. But the best part about the song is that it stays true to the themes present throughout the rest of Pinata as Gibbs flows effortlessly over a beat that most rappers would struggle to keep up with. We will save the rest of our reactions for our Pinata album review, but Freddie Gibbs keeps it 100% authentic on “Real” and it should be commended for its raw maliciousness.

Stream “Real” along with the rest of Pinata below. Let us know what you think!









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