Hit-Boy “Alert” (ft. Nipsey Hussle) Music Video

Posted: March 26, 2014 by ericbernsen in Music, Songs/Videos
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Although producer Hit-Boy and rapper Nipsey Hussle represent two different era’s, but they are both a product of West Coast hip-hop. With the sudden resurgence of Nipsey and Hit-Boy being a rapper/producer extraordinaire who has achieved a great amount of success early in his career, it is only right that the two came together for a collaboration. We weren’t sure how we felt about “Alert” when the song first dropped (mainly due to the bad sound quality rip), but after some time with the record it has certainly grown on us. I mean when Hit-Boy’s first lines are “You aint felt this shit since The Chronic”, that alone is an attention grabber as the HS87 boss raps effortlessly over his bumping production. Nipsey Hussle comes through with a solid feature verse and with that “Alert” becomes a true Cali banger. The music video for “Alert” was recently released and it features these two West Coast artists in their element alongside some fine company/cars. The celebratory surroundings of the visuals reflect the up-start style of “Alert” and we still can’t get this catchy beat out of our heads.

Listen to “Alert” below and watch the music video! 









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