About Hip To The Game:


Hip To The Game is your premier destination for coverage of hip-hop news, happenings in the world of sports, and everything in between. Since the blog is a one-man operation, the primary focus will be QUALITY posts. In this day in age, it is not hard to feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of content you are hit with on a daily basis. Hip To The Game is here to provide the essentials and showcase meaningful news/stories that are important to the hip-hop/sports culture. If you are looking for in-depth commentary on music and sports (as well as the business behind them), you have come to the right place. Take a look at our breakdown of you can expect on each section of the site.


  • Songs/Videos– Coverage of the latest songs and videos from all genres of music, but mainly focusing on hip-hop and R&B. You’ll get more than a sentence and a link, we pride ourselves on providing detailed insight on the material that deserves it!
  • News– Here we break down the latest news from the hip-hop/R&B world. From album title announcements up until projects are available for streaming, you can find it all here!
  • Album Reviews-  Here you can find our comprehensive reviews on the latest albums/mixtapes that have been released. Our reviews range from the most popular artists to the most underground, but they all provide detailed commentary about the quality of the music.
  • Interviews- So many interviews are released on a daily basis. Here we pick out the most informative ones and highlight the significant topics of discussion. We hope to have our own exclusive interviews in the near future.
  • Creative Showcase/Local Music- This section is for all of the aspiring artists around the globe who are looking to get their names out there. If the music is up to par, we do ACCEPT ARTIST SUBMISSIONS and will post your YouTube/Soundcloud links. We also feature songs/news from the Boston hip-hop scene here since we believe in supporting our local scene.
  • Throwback Thursday- You know the drill…every Thursday we come with some classic throwback jams that mark a milestones, album anniversary’s, etc. Get your old school fix here!

Sports- We break it down by sport as well as feature news/previews/recaps from a fantasy/betting perspective. Our newly created Monday Morning Quarterback section is a weekly recap of the buzzing stories around the world of sports.

Business- We also like to view the music/sports world’s from a business perspective. Marketing is essential in every line of work these days, so in this section we provide coverage on the latest news/trends in regards to social media, advertising, and digital marketing as a whole.

Features- This is the section where we go very in-depth in regards to long form stories from the music/sports world’s. Heavy reading here, but our exclusive think pieces are thought provoking and separate us from other blogs. These might be rare due to real life/job restrictions, but they will always be a great read.


About Me:
photo (J)
My name is Eric Bernsen and I am the creator of HipToTheGame.com. I created this blog as a platform for my writing on the subjects I am most passionate about. Like many, I have been a sports fan ever since I can remember and took that enthusiasm to Fairfield University (’12) where I graduated as an English-Journalism major and Marketing minor. During my time there I was the Sports Editor of the Fairfield Mirror (student-run newspaper) and also worked as an assistant in the Athletic Department. In terms of hip-hop and music in general, that interest developed in high school and it has become a part of my daily life. With this blog, I am taking pride in contributing to the culture of hip-hop and helping it move forward to the best of my ability. The only way I know how to do that is writing about the music that has the biggest impact on the genre as well as the music I personally think is powerful and deserving of exposure. Knowledge is power and as the website grows I hope I do as well.


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