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As we continue our run of news regarding the Boston hip-hop scene, it would be misguided if we did not highlight a roundtable discussion that took place a few weeks ago which detailed that very topic. The College Blueprint show of Boston University’s WTBU radio brought together a qualified group of Boston hip-hop figures to discuss how the genre has progressed in the city and what needs to be done in order for it to thrive in the future. Including the likes of Dart Adams, Dharmic X, Guillermo Antonini, Avenue, Bedlam of Showoff Records and Lindsey Gamble of HITPMusic, the lengthy conversation is a must listen for local rap enthusiasts. A wide variety of topics are covered with the strong opinions of these bloggers/artists/label reps being featured, which makes for an entertaining/informative discussion.



Got Bars Flyer 4x6

In our pledge to showcase the best talent coming out of the hip-hop scene in Boston, here we have a quick cypher from three of the best emcees representing the city. The #GotBars cypher features verses from the likes of Latrell James, Koma, and Mr. Fritz who rock over the “HiiPower” instrumental, a track that still stands as one of our favorites from Kendrick Lamar. J Cole put in work on that beat and each of these artists do it justice. Props to Got Sole 1981 for hosting the event and to Hard In The Paint for covering the cypher.

Take a listen and let us know what you think!